The pharmaceutical industry at a global level has particularities that make it unique, both for its entire health / regulatory environment, and for the intangible nature of its assets. In addition, whoever tries to tackle it, must have a very specific know-how, and understand that each market has its particular rules of the game, access, registration and marketing. At the same time, Latin American health policies are extremely local, which forces anyone who wants to participate to have a proven experience in each market.

This business complexity led us in 2010 to create J3Pharma, initially as an international pharmaceutical business company. basically limited to the search for new products and new markets, basic pillars of business growth. Time led us to incorporate into our team a division of regulatory affairs, quality and development, understanding that our clients wanted to grow, but lacked the time and human resources to support that growth.

Today J3PHARMA is a company focused on the growth of pharmaceutical businesses, either in organic form, due to its geographical expansion (opening of new markets), therapeutic (development of new products and licensing of foreign products), and inorganic, acquiring lines of businesses and other companies in the sector.