Latin America is a region with more than 600 million inhabitants, with an average health coverage close to 60% (private + public), a very important degree / need of openness to innovation and a size in terms of annual turnover of + USD 70 trillion (in addition, all the analyses end up concluding a projected growth of this industry by 2030 of not less than 10% per year).

Through our team and our global network of contacts, we aim to be the perfect partner for:

a) Latin American, local, regional or global pharmaceutical companies that are in the process of growth and search for products and / or markets.

b) Companies that do not have an organic presence in the region, but that have a portfolio of products approved by high sanitary surveillance agencies (EU / US / JAPAN / CANADA / AUSTRALIA). In this case, we observe daily examples of companies in highly regulated markets that do not have a presence in Latam or that have already begun to enter with specific products in one of the markets of the region. We aspire to become the local / regional partner that plans, organizes and develops an orderly, protected and growing landing of any company that wishes to develop commercially in the region.